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This is a signed paperback copy of Serenity, the first book in the Shelby Alexander Thriller Series.




Northern Michigan. Shelby Alexander wants to shut out the chaos. Trying to believe that getting older doesn’t make him weak, the former boxer hopes his secluded cabin will be an oasis of small-town peace and quiet. But after discovering a local girl collapsed by his barn, he rushes to call the ambulance… only for her to die in his arms.


Neither pleased nor surprised that the victim’s meth-selling brother pounds on his door, Shelby reluctantly accepts ten grand to investigate the young woman’s death. But he’s barely begun searching for clues when bullets with his name on them start flying.


Can the aging fighter find the killer as newcomers, turf wars, and family feuds threaten to bring his retirement to a fatal end?

Serenity (Signed Paperback)

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