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Welcome to the official website of Craig A. Hart, the author of the Shelby Alexander Thriller Series, the SpyCo Thriller Series, and the Simon Wolfe Mystery Series. Here you can find information about Craig and his work, or use the contact page to send him a message. He reads every email he gets and responds personally to all that he possibly can.

NEWEST RELEASENight at Key West by Craig A. Hart

When private investigator Simon Wolfe is hired to follow his friend’s wife under suspicion of adultery, he could never have guessed it would lead him into a friendship with the world’s leading writer, Ernest Hemingway. Nor could he have predicted the strange and disturbing twists the investigation would take.

The case accelerates quickly when the wife is found murdered in a Key West hotel and discovered to have a secret life. But that revelation is downright boring as the plot thickens with increasingly bizarre revelations, capped off with a macabre ending no one saw coming.

Based on actual events, Night at Key West is a wild ride into history and intrigue, populated by many true-to-life characters and places.