CRAIG A. HART, author of crime and suspense

Primary Colors, Primary Characters

It can be a little surreal, writing about crimes, murders, and international plots in between diaper changes and refrains of the Paw Patrol theme song. I sometimes wonder if spending most of my time in a primary color world negatively impacts my creativity. How does one create twists and turns in a toddler’s world, where ambiguity and unpredictability are recipes for meltdowns?

Well, it’s possible, as it turns out, but I do think it introduces an extra layer of difficulty or strains what Hercule Poirot called “the little grey cells” a bit more than normal. What I’ve discovered, though, is that it’s a lot easer to maintain the writing mojo when you’re writing about fun characters. The main ones in “the stable,” so to speak, have become more than characters to me and much more like friends. Shelby, Mack, Burke, Lyndsey, and others make it fun. I’d love to introduce them to you!

Find Shelby and Mack in the Shelby Alexander Thriller Series

Meet Burke and Lyndsey in the SpyCo Thriller Series


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