CRAIG A. HART, author of crime and suspense

I’m Enameled With You

I was completely calm during the entire procedure. Those screams were simply part of my normal morning ritual.

While enamel is the hardest substance in the body, I still managed somehow to crack it on one of the most difficult teeth to reach–a molar way back by the wisdom teeth.*

This bit of misfortune resulted in a filling, which is not the way I prefer to begin my Friday mornings. It’s quite a distance down the list, actually, bracketed by sliding down a fifty-foot razor into a bucket of rubbing alcohol and wearing an old, body-conformed t-shirt backward.

But enough of my whining. Until later. For now, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated in the 24-hour $0.99 sale of Assignment: Alaska! We zoomed up the charts and hit #10 in our category, which is a pretty darn good launch.

If you still need to get Assignment: Alaska, you certainly can! It’s still at the very reasonable price of $2.99, and readers are calling it “the best one yet.”

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*USELESS TRIVIA BIT: Craig still has his wisdom teeth!

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